//The Amishi Woman

The Amishi Woman

The story of Amishi

I’m very fortunate to spend my life surrounded by influential and powerful women. From designers, artists to politicians and executives. They’re eclectic and diverse, but all inspiring in their own ways.

Although they may not know it, they’ve all played a part in shaping and evolving story of Amishi. They all make me think about who the Amishi woman is.

In our busy, modern lives, it’s all too easy to be impacted or distracted by everything else that’s going on. A bad conversation, a difficult encounter or a frustrating experience. Simple problems that can affect how we see the world, and our place in it.

Why is the Amishi woman different?

The Amishi woman is different. She truly understands who she is, inside and out. She believes that real beauty is confidence. It’s the self-awareness that comes from embracing your individuality. In touch with her life, and the responsibilities she bears, she curates her appearance with precision and purpose. To her, a bag is more than just an accessory – it’s a statement of intent. A sign of inner strength that enables her to rise above a momentary setback, a reminder that there’s so much more going on inside.


The Amishi woman can make a powerful statement before she’s even said a word. She doesn’t rely on labels to speak for her, she knows her own mind. She demands to be noticed, and wins people’s heart with her persuasive presence. The Amishi woman is simply unforgettable and every one is unique.

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