//Pearls of Wisdom from Mum

Pearls of Wisdom from Mum

Mums and grandmothers tend to have little pieces of advice that are perfect quotes to live by. Whether it’s how to appreciate what you have, how to adopt a positive outlook on life or how to get through difficult situations, these wise words are powerful, and help to guide you through life’s ups and downs. At Amishi, we hold these sayings close to our hearts and as Mother’s Day approaches we thought we’d share some of our most treasured pearls of wisdom with you, inherited from the women in our lives.

Here are 3 pieces of advice from mum:


  1. Forget but Don’t Ever Regret

A piece of advice especially conjured up for those who find themselves in embarrassing situations all too often. It’s OK if you make a mistake or happen to turn your face a delightful colour of red in an awkward situation, but holding on to regret is not the answer. Simply put the situation to the back of your mind and don’t dwell on it any longer.

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  1. Live in the Moment

Life is simply too short to be worried about what might or might not happen in the future. Live in the moment and enjoy the time you have right this minute. This piece of advice is perfect for our fast paced digitalised world where we can sometimes play out our lives on social media, rather than focusing our attention on the people who make our lives complete.

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  1. Enjoy Your Youth

Balancing a work and social life can be quite stressful, especially if you have little ones yourself, but it’s so important to enjoy your youth as much as possible, as nobody is getting any younger. Whether you’re chasing after a dream job, building your own business or raising a young family, make sure to enjoy being young while you can.

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At this time of year, our thoughts go to the women in our lives who have offered up brilliant pieces of advice and guidance to live by. Surprise your mum, grandmother or the woman in your life that has supported you through thick and thin, with a gorgeous pair of Amishi fresh water pearl earrings.


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