//Pearls Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Pearls Are a Girl’s Best Friend

We asked fashion designer Amishi, about the inspiration behind the stunning new Spring/Summer ‘18 collection. With a range of pearl encrusted clutch bags and lace pashminas, the designs are timeless and add instant glamour to any outfit.


Amishi, if you had to sum up the new Spring/Summer ‘18 collection in 3 words, what would they be?

They would have to be fresh, inspiring and feminine.

Where has the inspiration for the new collection come from?

The inspiration behind the new collection of handbags and scarves has come from nature and the world around me. Pearls, for instance, are one of Mother’s Nature’s most precious gifts and, to me, they reflect natural and understated beauty. I have chosen to incorporate a number of precious stones as they offer naturally occurring colour and catch the light beautifully, which is perfect for a glamourous summer look.

Who do you see wearing the Spring/Summer ‘18 collection?

I think a confident, Amishi woman, who is comfortable in her own skin, would likely be seen wearing our Spring/Summer ‘18 collection.

Why have you chosen to incorporate pearls into the new collection of bags?

Pearls are a women’s best friend and a sure shot for a woman to feel feminine, attractive and vibrant. Pearls make a statement and yet they are understated, effortless and, of course, elegant.

If we asked you to define Amishi in your own words, what would you say?

Fashion is a collection of stories that we tell about our lives and experiences. What we choose to wear, whether in private or in the spotlight, dictates how we experience each moment in life. The Amishi collection emulates the individuality, personality and soul of the person wearing it.

I think when it comes to putting together any design, it’s important to honour strong, confident women by creating pieces that are easy to wear and enable a woman to be the best version of herself.

What are 3 style tips to live by in Spring/Summer 2018?

1. Mix and match
2. Be yourself
3. Choose effortless elegance over trends

If you had to pick one piece from the Amishi Spring/Summer ‘18 collection, what would it be and where would you wear it?

For me, it would have to be the Vita Crystal embellished clutch bag, as it’s a beautiful summer accessory that has been crafted with a natural agate stone and pearl surface. The contrast between pearl and the deep midnight blue is stunning. I would pair this beautiful clutch with a white summer dress and heels and enjoy cocktails by the beach.

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