//No one likes baggage, but we do like handbags!

No one likes baggage, but we do like handbags!

What’s in your handbag?

Ever wonder how many unnecessary odds-and-ends the average woman carries in her handbag? A recent survey has found that a woman will carry around 10 pieces of ‘junk’ in her handbag or purse. With the clutter-free Marie Kondo mind-set taking hold of the fashion set as well as home interiors, we’ve been wondering what the Amishi Woman carries in her handbag or clutch.

A new research by retailer McArthurGlen has revealed that the contents inside a woman’s handbag are more expensive than a small car; reaching the staggering value of £3,144. While this might raise a few perfectly shaped eyebrows, we can quite understand how this could come to pass. A certain woman; an Amishi Woman, likes nice things, and she wants these things to be within easy reach all-day-long. Whether that’s her EDP, her make-up arsenal or a feisty Chihuahua.

How many items?

According to the nationwide survey, on average, a woman’s make-up bag contains up to 15 items with a combined worth of £25.

It is worth considering just how liberating it is to swap the practicality of your Mary Poppins-esque luxury nap satchel, or bottomless handcrafted shoulder bag for a decadent midi tote with gold-plated floral clasp handle and all the forced editing which that requires. None of us like baggage, let alone someone else’s (another topic)!

What do we really need?

Gone is the diary. Out with the car keys (we always love a black London cab). Adieu to the ‘comfy shoes’; there’s nothing a woman can’t conquer in high heels, right? In addition, a pre-event make-up session with a professional means that a carrying our rouge, some powder and our wallet sets us up for the whole day, or a long night.

What do handbags really say?

In fact, our handbags say a lot about where we are in our lives. Are we trying to do everything and please everyone? Mother, wife, entrepreneur, woman on the move? Or are we content to just distil the very best parts of ourselves and our lives and carry those with us in our hearts and in our …. handbags?

Truth is, if we’re confident and secure in ourselves there’s nothing we can put in a handbag or clutch that can enhance our day or make us feel better, stronger or happier.

True, we would protest profusely if any man suggested we didn’t need to take our bag, “just come as you are” (you must be kidding), but the freedom of knowing we are 100% complete as we are is as empowering and uplifting as… as…a new handbag? Have a look at our Passione collection, we think you are going to love it!


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