//“Justice is not blind, and she wears stilettos.”

“Justice is not blind, and she wears stilettos.”

“Justice is not blind, and she wears stilettos.”

― Camryn King, Stiletto Justice


Enough is enough. Women have spoken and the #MeToo movement has given voice to thousands of women across the world who’ve tolerated far too much for far too long. From those first outcries of #MeToo in 2018, to the symbolic black dresses which cast shadows on the red carpet at that year’s Golden Globes, the entire conversation surrounding #MeToo has lifted women up and raised as many questions as it has answered.

One thing which we’ve been reflecting on at Amishi London is the value system surrounding the campaign and what the #MeToo woman stands for? Who is she? What’s her story? Is she a chauffeur-driven celebrity living in Hollywood? Or is she every woman? Does this indignant battle only apply to those who have experienced sexual harassment or blatant prejudice? Or is there a wider point to be made here? One about who we choose to be as women? And our solidarity?

Who is the Amishi woman? 

There’s no question that the movement has empowered us all to reassess how we value ourselves as women and what we stand for. In addition, another question raised has been around what women wear and how this affects attitudes. One thing we believe is that every woman has the unassailable right to look absolutely fabulous, wear whatever she chooses and not apologise for doing so. Whether it’s an unapologetically ornate top-handle bag, an embellished silk scarf, or crystal-encrusted clutch or a utilitarian satchel she chooses to wear; the Amishi Woman does so knowing it will make her feel her very best; that this armour will empower her to go out and seize the day. Shameless confidence and femininity are not mutually exclusive and the Amishi Woman stands with every woman on this!


In conclusion, everything we do as a brand resonates with this revolution of equality and in that sense the #MeToo woman is synonymous with the Amishi Woman. Strong and confident, the Amishi Woman knows what she likes, what she wants and sets out to achieve that every day. Overall, her philosophy and self-belief is unshakeable and in owning her individuality and self-expression through what she wears, she empowers every other woman to do the same.

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