//Why we’re fascinated with feathers this season

Why we’re fascinated with feathers this season

“When Marimba rhythms start to play,
Dance with me, make me sway,
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore,
Hold me close, sway me more.”


Dean Martin called it back in 1954. A sensual flutter, a delicate twist, an unforgettable impact—what’s not to love? A hint of drama never goes unnoticed, be it on the dance floor or on the runways. As maximalism reigns supreme over the millennial sartorialist, feathers and crystals are making a strong (and much-awaited) comeback. After leaving the roaring ’20s hopelessly in love with them and a brief flirtation with the ’70s, they are finally dancing into our hearts…shimmering even brighter as they catch the sunlight.

‘More is more’ glamour is the dictum today, with style mavens choosing to make a decadent statement with their wardrobe. While a pared-down sensibility is all-good, it’s not enough to satiate one’s desire to be bold and unabashed anymore.

Our accessories tap into this opulent aesthetic with the Summer 2018 collection, which is high on the charm of these look-at-me embellishments. “Landing in London in the night is always a sight to behold—the twinkling lights, and the way the city shines bright leaves me mesmerised every single time. I have tried to capture this very sparkle in my collection,” explains the designer.

From pashmina silk shawls with ostrich feather trims to metallic and neutral-hues clutches made eye-catching with Swarovski crystals, these are just the accessories you need to turn every head as you walk into a room.


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