//Don’t Get So Busy Making a Living That you Forget to Make a Life

Don’t Get So Busy Making a Living That you Forget to Make a Life

‘Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’ – Dolly Parton

There’s a problem with idea that we can ‘have it all’. It often makes us feel that that anything less that excelling at work, love, family and lifestyle is not good enough, since it’s possible to be everything. If we could have it all, then surely we should have it all, right?

We think not. That sense that we never quite finish nor reach our goal, while at the same time raising our standards in response to those we’ve just exceeded. Sound familiar? It’s self-sabotaging and we rarely stop to consider the work-life balance.

The alarm rings at the break of dawn, the phone and emails fire up, we throw on our most empowering and emboldening ‘costume’ for the day. We begin second-guessing the day’s possible scenarios as we wrap a scarf over our shoulders and leave the house, leaving our lip-stained coffee mug to go cold. We’re back on the career treadmill…

The Female Guilt Complex

As ambitious women, we’re driven to succeed and to fulfil our potential, but often this persona we project masks the negative self-talk that ‘we could do more’; the female guilt-complex. We give 150% to our career and appear to have everything in order, while displaying self-confidence and glamour. As women, we know this because that’s precisely what we think when we look at our peers. When we step into our stilettos for that networking event, handbag in one hand, presentation in the other, many of us will have all the same doubts as others and yet we put our work above ourselves because… because, because that’s what we do. We often choose career before self-care. In short, our work life balance favours the work and we forget the reason why we work so hard in the first place.

Why do we work as hard as we do?

It’s a good question. Why, as women do we work as hard as we do? Is it for the status, the self-esteem, the financial freedom to buy that new handbag or the embellished feather scarf? Or has our inner-drive to succeed and reach new heights lost its purpose? Have we lost sight of the life we seek to lead with this independence and freedom?

It’s been said many times but it’s worth asking yourself again: Do you live to work; or do you work to live? At Amishi London, we work to live and to live more beautifully. The Amishi Woman works hard so she can have those things which make her smile: the bag, the success and the lifestyle.

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