//Celebrities ‘Cannes’ Change Their Mind

Celebrities ‘Cannes’ Change Their Mind

Cannes Film Festival

As fashion shows go, the nearly two-week long red carpet marathon that is the Cannes Film Festival is the sartorial antithesis to the 26 mile challenge held in London last Sunday, but no less exhausting.

If truth be told, once the carpet is rolled up and the private jets take off, no one is more relieved than the army of stylists, designers and publicists who are responsible for dressing the endless stream of celebrities who attend the festival. We’ve been involved with the Cannes Film Festival for a few years now. Yet, no amount of experience or planning, can second guess the decisions made by A-listers a few hours before they face the cameras.

With so many diamonds dangling down cleavages, you could almost forget that the Cannes Film Festival is about the comparatively dull business of film distribution. Believe me, diamonds shine brighter in the Riviera sun than in any display case on Bond Street.

Dressing for Cannes

Dressing celebrities for Cannes–which has two red carpets per day–is all about strategy. It’s about dressing the “right” girls.

If discretion is the first rule of working with A-list celebrities, patience is the second! The preparations have been going on for weeks with our regular collaborators, as we decide on styles to match outfits for each occasion. However, everything can change at the last minute, on a whim or change of heart and that’s as much a feature of the festival as the super yachts that line the bay and the blinding opulence of the jewellers along the Croisette. As a designer, Amishi has a responsibility to remain the voice of reason amid the panic, chaos and stifled hysteria caused by a change of dress. The serenity, grace and ethereal beauty that you see on the red carpet are the direct opposite of the creative chaos which precedes it!

It’s All In The Details

While the Amore Bag in pearl may have complemented an ivory gown perfectly, it won’t work with the red off-the-shoulder number she’s now opted for! Suggesting to an Oscar-nominated actress that ‘it’s only a bag; it’ll be fine love’ at this stage, is not an option!


There are approximately 23 components and metal and hardware parts involved in making an Amore Bag, so any change in outfit means we need to revisit the drawing board …again!

Would I change it? Of course not. It’s hard work but it’s where Amishi London bags belong. If our working hours backstage are relentless, then the dedication of a diva is too. As Diana Ross has said herself: “It take a long time to become a diva. You gotta work at it.”

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