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The World Of Amishi

Timeless yet relevant the Amishi collection is about feel good luxury. Modern, fun, energetic and sexy.

Born from the designer’s desire to create things she wished existed, the Amishi collection is about being fearless and authentic.

Amishi salutes and honours the strong, confident woman to whom being the best version of herself comes naturally.

Fashion is a collection of stories we tell about our lives. What we adorn ourselves with, whether in a private space or under a spotlight, dictates how we experience each moment. Each accessory is ready to travel the world with the Amishi woman. The Amishi collection emulates the individuality, personality and soul of the person wearing it.

A by Amishi, the diffusion brand of the Amishi label retains the essence of the main collection. The kaftan collection is unique with hand embroidered bead work and digital prints. The lace scarves are an absolute winner in ombre, metallic and prints. Retailing and wholesaling from 67 Mortimer Street, London W1.

“The desire to create makes me feel busy, excited, energized, exhausted, productive and calm all at the same time.” Amishi 

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