//5 Types of Fur You Need To Know About

5 Types of Fur You Need To Know About

Do you know your faux fur from your fox fur? Your mink from your chinchilla? If you’re planning on investing on a stunning, statement piece of fur; it definitely pays off to do your researchfirst – both in terms of knowing what it actually is that you’re buying and in not paying over the odds.

We’ve popped together a list of five of the most popular choices when it comes to luxury fur fashion; which will help you differentiate between the various options available, understand the unique qualities each type has and help you make an informed decision on which variety of fur you decide to add to your wardrobe.

5 Key Types of Fur

1. Rabbit (also known as Cony, Coney, Comb or Lapin)

Rabbit hair is one of the most affordable types of fur; commonly used to make luxurious hats, gilets, jackets and coats. It’s silky soft, warm and versatile – in a medium length. Rabbit is a popular pick for fur connoisseurs, thanks to the variety of options it offers. It’s available in a huge range of natural colours – as well as boasting the ability to be dyed any shade desired. Consumers can also choose from the options of shearing, grooving and natural fur finishes for their garment when working with rabbit hair.

Rabbit is a popular choice for luxurious wedding fashion accessories, most commonly worn by women.

2. Fox(also known as Vulpes Vulpes or AlopexLagopus)

Fox is another more affordable option in the world of furs; sporting the additional benefit of plentiful colour possibilities. Aside from mink, fox actually offers the consumer the widest range of natural shades in any fur; available in silver, crystal, blue, grey, white, cross and red. And on top of that, these natural colours themselves can also be easily dyed to any desired shade.

Fox is a highly popular variety of fur as it’s perfect for nearly every occasion – and timelessly stylish. It’s warm, fashionable and makes classic garments that’ll last for many years to come. It’stypically used in makingdeluxe accessory pieces; such as collars, cuffs, wraps, and stoles.

When choosing a fox piece, look out for long, silky guard hairs and check for a soft, dense underfur.

3. Mink(also known as NeovisonVison)

Moving up the price ladder, mink is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of fur across the globe. It’s extremely durable, great value and super versatile; creating garments in a wide range of fashionable styles & trends (from dressy, to sports lux, to more casual outerwear pieces.) It can also be dyed almost any colour, allowing you to choose the perfect shade.

Mink pieces are highly sought after to wear for formal, celebratory events (such as weddings, balls and trips to the theatre) but thanks to their aforementioned versatility, can also be found worn as everyday outerwear. They’re warm, classic and popular with both men and women.

When choosing a mink fur, look for guard hairs that shine with lustre and check that the underfur of the garment is plump and soft.

4. Chinchilla (also known as Chinchilla Lanigera)

Chinchilla is one of the most expensive types of fur used in fashion – it’s extremely luxurious and of the highest quality. Texture-wise, it’s dense and warm; whilst also silky soft to the touch and lightweight. It’s the ideal choice for special occasions; adding a lux, classic touch of style to any outfit.

Garments made of chinchilla fur should come with detailed care instructions, as you’ll need to take particular care of the piece to keep it in top condition. Chinchilla hair is delicate and needs proper attention to maintain it – you’ll need to clean and store it every year,regardless of how much you’ve worn it.

5. Sable(also known as MartesZibellina)

Sable is theking of fur – the most expensive, rare and sought-after variety. It comes in two different types, Russian and Canadian, and prices can vary depending on its source.

Russian sable is typically a beautiful brown shade, with a silver cast. These furs are lightweight but very long haired, making it one of the most expensive types of fur in fashion. Canadian golden sable comes in more of an amber tone. It’s not quite as expensive as Russian sable, but it’s equally as stunning and coveted.

Garments crafted from this luxurious hair are stylish, an indication of wealth and often become valuable heirlooms… they’re theperfect choice to wear for special occasions and nights to remember.

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